100 Days In:

FAQs about what the acquisition of Insight by Nemera means to our clients

On August 1st Insight became part of Nemera, a world leader in the design and manufacture of drug delivery systems. Over the past several years, Insight has been fortunate to be able to support a great mix of both medical and pharmaceutical clients. As the Insight Innovation Center, we will continue to provide consulting services for both verticals for our current — as well as new clients — for many years to come.  

This has been an exciting time for Insight. However, given our change in ownership, some of our longstanding, as well as new clients, have had questions about how this may affect our relationship and ability to serve them effectively. To reaffirm our dedication to our clients, we thought it would be a good idea to put together a set of frequently asked questions concerning this new business relationship.  

Why Nemera?

For our pharma clients, the collective capability of both innovation organizations combines the strengths of Insight Product Development’s front-end innovation, design research, human factors, and design engineering with Nemera’s strong late-stage development, regulatory support, and clinical and commercial manufacturing capabilities. These newly enhanced capabilities of the Insight Innovation Center enable Nemera to offer complete end-to-end development services to its global customer base. This merging of capabilities also allows Nemera to collaborate with customers earlier in the development cycle, better supporting their complex drug delivery and medical device projects. 

Will you still be doing work in the medical sector? 

Absolutely. We are 100% committed to supporting and even growing the medical side of the business here at the Insight Innovation Center. As you may not be aware, Nemera actually has a significant customer base in the medical and diagnostics products industry, in addition to being a world class drug delivery device supplier. 

Our commitment to growing within medical devices makes sense for many reasons. Our ISO13485-certified quality system does not distinguish between med device and pharma device. In fact, most of the quality and regulatory influences are common across both sectors. And our development methods for both areas are virtually identical, which means that our innovation and development team members are accustomed to working on both medical and drug delivery devices. 

Additionally, there is a great deal of cross-pollination of technology between both verticals. If you look at the user requirements and technology systems utilized in connected health, for example, you will see the parallels between both medical and pharma systems. 

Medical device development has been our legacy and a significant part of our client mix for over 30 years. We will continue to grow in this sector and comprehensively support both our current and future medical clients. 

Will you be available for our projects or only have time for Nemera? 

There is plenty of capacity and resources to go around! With offices in the US and France, the Insight Innovation Center now boasts 150 professionals. This represents a greatly increased capacity level for our consultative services.  

We’ll still have the necessary resources to serve the demands of all our clients, both long-standing and new. We’re committed to growing our consultative service offerings and will always make time to meet all our clients’ needs. As demand increases, our team will continue to grow and remain agile. This is another great advantage of an investment through acquisition: this focus on growth ensures that we’re continuously scouting for the best talent to add to our team and will be doing so regularly. 

Do you have a new operating structure? Do my agreements need to be re-executed? 

No, the Insight Innovation Center – Chicago is the same company you have been working with for decades, with the same team and the same operational structure still in place. We now have a new owner committed to the same growth goals and quality of work that you have come to know and expect for the past three decades. Your current consulting agreements and MSAs do not need to be re-executed at this time.  

Looking Forward

With no material changes to the ways we serve our clients, we look forward to continuing to provide high quality product development consulting to our clients for many years to come. If this list of FAQs did not answer your questions or if you are still unclear on any of these topics, please use our contact form to ask more questions, or feel free to get in touch with your account manager to have a more in-depth discussion.