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220 Million Set to be Distributed to Illinois Startups

IGIF IAL logos

Insight Accelerator Labs selected as only Med Tech focused accelerator to be included as IGIF partner

Insight Product Development and Insight Accelerator Labs are excited to be part of this new Illinois initiative and to help maximize investment to grow the healthcare ecosystem.

IGIF ChartIGIF will invest in ways that attract, assist and retain quality technology businesses in Illinois.  On January 26, 2016, Illinois Treasurer Michael Frerichs announced the formation of IGIF with $222,314,058 in committed capital from the State’s existing investment portfolio, which is not part of the State’s General Revenue Fund. (From the IGIF site )

The IGIF goals are to

  1. Deliver strong investment performance for Illinois
  2. Drive economic development for Illinois
  3. Foster a more connected and engaged entrepreneurial community in Illinois

Visit the Illinois Growth and Innovation Fund site to learn more about the program.

And to learn more about our role in the healthcare ecosystem, visit the Insight Accelerator Labs site.