Sean Corrigan, Director of Engineering, and Carolyn Rose, Director of Research, discuss how to build a successful concept development framework in our latest Med Device Online article.

Med Device Online

The definition of what constitutes “innovation” in the medical device industry has become enigmatic in recent years. While it’s still sometimes true that cracking the technology nut can be enough to result in market success, it’s typically more nuanced than that.

To drive commercial success in a crowded market, products need to address conflicting sets of user needs while simultaneously addressing market opportunities. This results in what can be a complex puzzle — but one that must be solved, if you wish to avoid pursuing technologies that don’t directly address primary user needs, incorrectly balancing or prioritizing user needs that inform development, or producing a product that meets all the specs on paper, but is not compelling or differentiated in the market.

The challenge can be distilled into three key dimensions that, weighed against one another, allow you to craft a successful development plan for a compelling product feature set.

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