Abbott Libre

Understanding the patient Journey to drive the best user experiences


AL-SketchAs a global leader in diabetes care, consistent and accurate glucose monitoring is the foundation of any diabetes management. Abbott had developed the sensor technology and needed to define the user experience of an applicator developed with sterile packaging and UI for the hand held reader that extended an existing brand language.


The new system was developed based on a patient journey driven user needs foundation. The Libre integrates CGM into patient lifestyle and blood glucose management more effectively than traditional BGM’s or completive
CGM. It provides continuous glucose monitoring 24 hours a day with
a swipe of the finger, no needle pricks. The applicator design allows for consistent placement of sensor with adhesive (which is always a development challenge).

The reader UI and mobile app allows patients to manage their glucose levels by setting glucose targets and custom alarms when out of target range, tracking daily patterns, and providing custom reports. Abbott is now partnering with Bigfoot Biomedical on integrating Libre into the Bigfoot
insulin pump system to integrate insulin delivery and blood glucose management.



AL_storyInsight was responsible for the user experience development working from Abbott’s sensor technology. The focus of the program was to provide ease of application of sensor and management of blood glucose using reader and seamless experience across entire use cycle from receiving sensors to disposal.

These efforts were informed by primary user research and directional and usability testing in the US, Europe, and China. This program tapped into Insight’s User research, human factors, industrial design, UI design, engineering capabilities. The final deliverable was a comprehensive UI specification and design Intent data digital data of the applicator assembly.

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