INSIGHT ACCELERATOR LABS accelerating healthcare innovation

How We Help

Medical startups face an array of unique challenges that rarely plague established medical companies. With a team that thrives in the face of such complexity, Insight Product Development has long focused on perfecting a methods for working with startups in a way that makes sense for both them and Insight. After investing a significant amount of time and experience in the effort, we have designed an unique, effective and innovative accelerator program now known as Insight Accelerator Labs.

Expertise and Credibility

Insight Accelerator Labs offers device startups extensive access to an expert medical R&D team in exchange for a small equity stake. Backed by over 25 years of medical product development experience, Insight provides the expertise necessary to help you further define and refine your technology with the ultimate goal of commercialization.

In addition to bringing deep and broad expertise to your project, Insight Accelerator Labs also offers startups a higher level of credibility. Your participation in this accelerator program shows your stakeholders and investors that you are partnering with a proven innovator for the critical commercialization phase of development.

Immersion Through Co-location

IAL’s startups are located within our office in Chicago, where they can learn in a cooperative and engaging environment while making progress toward their goals.

In contrast to many other programs, Insight Accelerator Labs’ program accommodates the longer development times often necessary for medical startups to achieve success. We begin with a 6 month membership which is renewable up to 18 months.

Throughout this period, we work closely with member companies to develop technology and products, move toward commercialization, consult on overall project management, and examine the entire process from various business perspectives.