Agile development practices have been getting an increased amount of attention recently. More and more companies are looking to design, build, and deploy products with a method that reduces risks to project costs and timelines while still fostering innovative solutions. Insight has made special considerations in applying Agile techniques to our process of developing solutions for complex products, especially those in the healthcare space. 

Some might contend that Agile cannot be used to yield robust designs that addresses risks to the user and satisfies the needs of regulatory bodies. Releasing a “Lean” version of a product runs at odds with the rigor of being compliant with the FDA. A process that is adaptive and changing, on the surface, does not appear to be well defined and repeatable. Despite these limitations, certain components of Agile do yield benefits to the medical devices development process. Insight’s approach reshapes the worthwhile set of Agile methods and incorporates them into an established process.

The link below is to a presentation which provides an overview of how Insight uses Agile methods to deliver innovative solutions to our customers.

Download the Agile at Insight PDF