Goal Based Innovation


Identify innovation opportunities for disposable insulin pen needles, and uncover ways to achieve greater differentiation in a crowded market and strengthen their market leadership position.


A range of innovation opportunities to directly respond to ergonomics and adherence challenges, around the world. These opportunities ranged from discrete task-based improvements that guide incremental product feature enhancements to opportunities to disrupt the space based on higher level user goals. The research and concept development outputs of this engagement helped guide BD’s development strategy for years, and effectively distinguish itself from marketplace competition into the future.


BDBD, a global medical technology company approached us to help them solve these unique challenges. Through ethnographic research we engaged patients and clinicians in the environments in
which they live, work and manage their disease on three continents to effectively understand their goals, attitudes, desires and challenges.

We discovered that the way diabetes treatment is administered is significantly influenced by cultural factors, and vary widely – especially for regional aspects of use, like waste and disposal, needle re-use, and the channels through which patients acquire needles. We identified these individual user tasks as opportunities for product improvement, and weighed the importance of user goals around the world to filter and prioritize those opportunities. The outputs captured every step of the user experience, aligning opportunities with importance to ensure that the team focused on innovation that mattered to users.


Our design team then leveraged the research to generate a wide range of solutions, with special attention paid to ideas that would not incur costly changes to existing assembly operations. We then illustrated concepts in scenario formats that enabled the team to rapidly and inexpensively prototype-to-learn, sharing these ideas with users around the world to understand how well they resonated. This user-centered approach resulted in clear opportunities for BD to respond directly to patients’ and clinicians’ leading challenges.

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