Med Device OnlineMed Device Online features Steve McPhilliamy’s perspectives in new dedicated Insight monthly column

In the new monthly column, entitled “Realizing Innovation: Best practices in Medical Technology Development” launched today, Insight reveals that while the growing momentum of the Internet of Things (IoT) is having a substantial impact on most industries, this momentum is particularly compelling for healthcare. As connected devices begin to permeate the home environment, where individuals spend the majority of their time, they can reveal personalized insights that make possible smarter consumer decision-making regarding health matters.

While there’s no shortage of opportunity, what will ultimately drive developer success is the quality of their new technologies’ connectivity, hardware system design, and comfort, as well as their ability to deliver more meaningful healthcare outcomes. The key to designing meaningful solutions with this new technology will come from first understanding people through observation, analyzing their actions and behaviors to align the solutions in a meaningful way.

Leveraging our understanding of user needs today, the most successful connected innovations of tomorrow will enable four key benefits. Learn what they are by reading the full article here!