DreamFit® – Compliance Through Comfort

CovidienPuritan Bennett, a leading innovator of respiratory care devices, came to Insight for help in updating their offerings for CPAP patient headgear. The primary goal was to improve the comfort of the patient interface to promote compliance for those who suffer from sleep apnea. The equally important challenge was to define how patients perceive comfort, which led the Insight team into patient homes and clinical sleep laboratories.

Building a Better Fit

Insight began the process by sketching in three dimensions and by creating dozens of quick study mock-ups to get a firsthand feel for ways to improve comfort, adjustability and visibility while maintaining a good seal on the device. Building the models right away supported rapid iteration of concepts and allowed the client to participate with the design team at several points in the phase. By using proof-of-principle breadboards, Insight engineers were able to rigorously test and prove out their ideas, followed by machined prototypes that were placed in the hands of patients for extended wear and evaluation. CovidienThe Insight research and design team carried out extensive human factors and fit analysis to confirm that the designs were wearable by a range of users of different body sizes, ages, ethnicities and genders.


Breathing Easy

The result of the program was a series of models with different features and price points. Puritan Bennett’s first market release was an innovative lower-cost solution that provided top level ease of use and comfort. It also features a bellows chamber between the mask and interface that flexes to accommodate patient movement and help prevent leaks. Overall the design alleviates pressure points while providing an excellent seal that delivers the comfortable and effective therapy that was intended.

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