Accelerating Medical StartupsWhen working with startup companies, Insight fuses extensive experience in developing technology-driven healthcare products with a unique framework that aligns our efforts to your capitalization stage for maximum impact at each investment level. 


Insight understands the special set of considerations that medical startup companies face in bringing a new product or technology to market: Cost is a major factor in early-stage programs, as capital often proves scarce and comes in stages. At the same time, in early funding phases, risk mitigation tends to take a backseat to budget and time sensitivity. Each of these factors drives a different set of constraints in the development process – nuances that countless startups have navigated with efficiency thanks to our team’s expertise.Investment vs Time ChartInsight leverages the minimum viable product (MVP) concept to outline a streamlined strategy for medical and healthcare startups. In the software world, MVP is a method of releasing a product with only very core features, in order to quickly gauge market response with minimum time and capital investment. We can apply that same concept to funding stage rather than end-market acceptance. Innovate and Communicate To achieve the needed output for each major process stage while making a minimum financial investment, we ask a clear, key question: What are the core things we must innovate to achieve the next funding event?

The answer supports us in taking constrained, iterative steps toward the next innovation. Success at every stage depends on 2 factors:

    1. Innovating the core technology to reach technical and feasibility goals
    2. Communicating and demonstrating the value proposition to investors and the market at large

As funding is achieved at each stage, we pursue these efforts with higher and higher fidelity, matching the necessary output to the available budget and producing the MVP for maximum impact potential.

In working with startups, we draw on the diverse expertise of our multifunctional team to provide the right deliverables at the right time. Services include

      • Technical feasibility analysis
      • Iterative prototyping and breadboard development
      • Technology refinement and optimization
      • Stage-appropriate communication and visualization outputs
      • User research and human-factors support
      • User-experience design
      • Pilot prototyping and production
      • Liaison into manufacturing

Startup founders, angel investors, and venture capitalists alike tap into our knowledge and experience to navigate a clear course from technological feasibility to product launch.

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