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Innovating New Care Delivery Models


Help Herman Miller develop strategies to increase their market share in the rapidly growing healthcare environments space.


Insight preformed extensive contextual research to help define the future of how healthcare services are defined and delivered within the context of the physical facility. Insight generated a virtual model for healthcare spaces in 2020 that accounted for important trends in social demographics and technology and created a blueprint for how to solve these problems. Solutions to service these evolving care delivery models leveraged many of Herman Miller’s existing assets to provide complete solutions to these emerging healthcare trends and opportunities.


Herman MillerHerman engaged Insight to help them formulate a plan for increasing revenues, one that helped them better understand how to define and capture value for healthcare professionals. Insight’s user-centered approach to innovation identified a wealth of unmet needs burdening clinicians and translated them to solutions that Herman Miller could act on immediately.

Insight’s innovation process identified a multitude of ways in which clinical environments failed to support caregivers. In many cases, these shortcomings tied back to critical caregiver functions that did not face the patient such as education, peer consultation, EMR management, and especially affordances for emotional and physical health. The year 2020 virtual model that was created helped to create a long term view and detailed roadmap of how Herman Miller can continue to support these trends.

Next, we leveraged our extensive knowledge of clinical workflows to start addressing these challenges today. Insight outlined a plan for how to reconfigure and systematically integrate Herman Miller’s current systems into an exhaustive range of real-world clinical scenarios. The result of this engagement was a complete ready to implement portfolio of solutions which Herman Miller’s sales force could tie to real needs discovered through research for this rapidly evolving and growing marketplace.

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