Envision®– Ultimate Control

Hill-RomHill-Rom partnered with Insight to develop the control module for their Envision® wound care surface, a best-in-class solution for relieving dangerous side effects for bed-ridden patients. Because these systems are most often leased by a hospital from a distributor, the design had to address unique challenges beyond those typical to medical devices. Envision® needed to enable operation by caregivers not necessarily trained on the device as well as provide an easy installation workflow. Envision® successfully addresses these challenges with a robust design that withstands the demands of a mobile medical device while still being easy to transport, mount and use.


Human Factors X

Hill-RomInsight gained an understanding of DMEs who service, clean, and deliver the system and the clinical staff that install it in order to strike a balance of portability, ruggedness, and rapid set up/take down. Early prototyping and testing with users ensured a sound human factors design that the smallest nurse can mount, and ensured that Envision® is compatible with nearly any type of bed that a hospital might be using.


An Interface That Knows Its Place

Nurse clinicians are busy, and Envision® understands that. It intuitively presents information to caregivers with a touch screen interface that enables novice and expert users alike; help menus and instructional videos are a touch away. Smart details like programmable alarms, an articulating screen, and well positioned alert indicators let nurses monitor system status at a glance and from a distance, minimizing time spent on the machine and maximizing time spent on patients.


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