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A Better Fitness Experience

IconFreeMotion Fitness™, the commercial fitness brand of ICON Health & Fitness®, had the opportunity to integrate advanced technologies into its line of health club fitness products by introducing a new touch screen display. Insight collaborated with ICON to develop a new incline trainer treadmill that integrated a touch screen interface with advanced technology and features. ICON’s goal was to provide customers with an exercise experience superior to other equipment brands.

Balancing Needs of Fitness Club Owners and Patrons

The integration of touch screen technology into club fitness equipment gave ICON the opportunity to introduce new functionality and entertainment into the incline trainer. These additions had to be balanced against the business model of fitness club owners, including wireless infrastructure and needs and expectations of customers. Insight and ICON explored the consumer fitness landscape through surveys and technology adoption analysis. The findings were used to define a user experience for the incline trainer that introduced a customizable and seamless workout experience in the fitness club. IconNew features such as Google Maps workouts and integration with iFit Live, a personal workout management PC software application, were incorporated into the experience to support consumer interaction with the ICON brand at the club, at home, and through mobile device apps.

An Experience Across Brands

Insight developed the digital interaction experience for the touch screen interface through an iterative process of design and prototyping that included multiple rounds of usability testing and balancing the visual language of FreeMotion Fitness™ with the influence of key partners such as Google. The interaction design developed for FreeMotion Fitness™ was leveraged by other ICON brands such as Nordic Track for their line of home use treadmills and is now utilized as the interaction design standard within ICON.


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