Insight to Exhibit at PDA’s Universe of Pre-filled Syringes 2016

Identifying, prioritizing and translating user needs into design guidance is critical to successfully developing a safe, effective and differentiated combination product that supports long term adherence. The process of interacting with users iteratively and frequently is the key to successful needs characterization.

These user research activities are inextricably linked to our design and development process and can be optimized by understanding the goals, tools and outputs at each stage of research. This approach can accelerate development activities and mitigate risk prior to industrialization activities, where remediation becomes costly from both financial and timeline perspectives.

These tools apply to delivery devices and also the broader goal of disease state management from both the healthcare professional and patient perspectives throughout the patient journey. It also informs the means by which adherence can be achieved including instructions for use, packaging, clinician education, and technology driven longitudinal adherence offerings.

About the exhibit:

PDAThe 2016 PDA Universe of Pre-filled Syringes & Injection Devices brings together industry and regulatory experts to share their experiences, new developments, regulatory considerations, challenges, and industry trends and best practices in this exciting area. The topics will benefit those looking for a basic understanding of pre-filled syringes and injection devices as well as those looking for a more in depth presentation of current challenges and developments. This is a must-attend event for all industry professionals involved in the development, manufacturing, testing,  or marketing of  pre-filled syringes and injection devices.

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