QmedQMed Magazine draws on the expertise of Insight’s own Carolyn Rose to uncover keys to remaining competitive

The increasing rate of both mega mergers and startup technology acquisition in today’s med device market brings with it some very unique and timely challenges. Not only do these activities make the competitive landscape more dynamic, they also make it increasingly difficult for companies to fully realize the potential value of their acquisitions. A lack of visibility and understanding can commonly lead to voids and disconnects that preclude value optimization – meaning that newly acquired asset isn’t being leveraged to its fullest.

Carolyn RoseWhether it’s technology acquisition via startup, IP at the university level, or a mega merger, new technology assets will always be marked by complexity, nuance, and a learning curve.  Read the full magazine article here, and learn what steps to take toward effectively navigating the challenge, and ensuring the potential of the investment is fully realized. http://bit.ly/1VYZjnt