Millipore- Mobius

Optimizing Workflows to Expand Business Potential


Millipore - MobiusHelp bioscience and life sciences development process market leader Millipore streamline their workflow to support the protein growth and harvesting process with a new bioreactor system.


A complete redesign of the system workflow and system device that reduced change-over and cleaning time between batch protein productions, simplified interaction workflow, and ensured sterility. With the addition of a disposable container introduced in the new system – this engagement also resulted in more efficient processing, better quality product output and a recurring revenue stream for Millipore.


Of chief importance to Millipore are product solutions that support the protein growth and harvesting process. A significant challenge to this process is that protein growth and harvesting can range from very small batches of a few cc’s to commercial batches of 5,000+ liters. As production volumes increase, state-of-the-art bioreactors are expensive and time consuming to clean between batches. Our charge was to create “Single-Use-Bioreactors” featuring a disposable “bag” to contain the batch, while simplifying clean-up and ensuring sterility.


We performed in-depth research to fully understand the technology, the business case, the user, and regulatory and IP goals. We worked closely with Millipore to develop the architecture for the new bioreactor system with an interaction scheme marked by simplicity, as one misstep could compromise an entire batch, wasting tens of thousands of dollars in ingredients and potentially millions in lost harvested proteins revenue.

Our methodology, creativity, and ability to follow through allowed the team to visualize and evaluate options quickly so that we could confidently create a workflow that simultaneously satisfied the user’s need to reliably control the process and maintain Millipore’s strong position in the marketplace.

”The people at Insight take the projects as seriously as we do and are as consumed with being successful as we are. Insight helps us to understand our customers holistically – they are truly core members of the development team.”
– Brian Foley – Director, Product Development, Millipore Corp

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