Leveraging technology in the right way is critical to making progress in product development. As a medical product developer technology-related concerns raise many questions, but two fundamental ones stand out:

  • What can a company do with its technology?
  • How can a company use technology to make its idea real?

As a medical product development consultant, Insight faces each of these issues every day… happily. Our breadth and depth of experience has exposed our team to an endless landscape of technology from countless industries and applications. This, in turn, has provided unique insights into tools, methods, and processes for how to take on these challenges. At the core of this lies the fundamental notion of leveraging technology in ways that effectively balance creativity with reality to achieve success.

In the February issues of MX Magazine Insight’s Director of Product Development and Planning Ed Geiselhart discusses how to structure a development effort to respond to the challenges outlined above. Read the articleto learn Ed’s strategy for leveraging technology to inspire ideas, answer questions, and point the way to an innovative outcome.