Northwestern University at Insight Product Development

NUvention Networked Body and John Roger’s Lab recently came to Insight for an off-site lesson to hear from Partner Steve McPhilliamy


As champions of medtech innovation and the continued growth of the entrepreneurial community, Insight Product Development and Northwestern University have developed a partnership over the years as an effort to help bring impactful healthcare technologies into fruition. As part of our relationship, we take advantage of every opportunity to open our doors to Northwestern students, like the ones from NUvention Networked Body and John Roger’s Lab who joined us last month to discuss best practices in wearable medical device development.

Professor Michael Marasco’s NUvention course explores the challenges involved in starting a company in the wearables/biomaterials space and relies heavily on insight from outside speakers and entrepreneurs leading business development in various disruptive industries. During this particular lesson, Partner Steve McPhilliamy provided a high-level overview of our experience consulting clients and startups in identifying user needs and opportunities, and later, commercializing those solutions developed by our cross-departmental teams. Steve also referenced the approach of designing and evaluating a device’s individual functional subsystems, to de-risk the development as individual parts before creating a fully functioning system with a much higher level of complexity. Understanding and applying this concept will greatly assist the students as they work to meet their own development goals.

Insight Product Development is an associate level education contributor for both NUvention Medical and The Masters of Science in Law program, a cross-educational curriculum beneficial to startups and entrepreneurs seeking guidance as they carve their own path in technology, business and law. Insight’s principal leaders are active experts within the MSL program, hosting classes at their facility to present best practices and techniques for medical device development—from early opportunity discovery to industrialization and commercialization. Through the program’s six-month duration, Insight’s key leaders are able to provide ongoing guidance and entrepreneurial mentorship to the teams and facilitate their transition from a collective idea into a viable medtech startup.