Embrace 3D– Breast Imaging System

OrisonThe early detection of tumors has an extremely large impact on the recovery rate for breast cancer
victims. The standard imaging process via mammogram can be painful, leading to avoidance of the screening process. Orison developed an ultrasound technology using a fluid medium to three dimensional image of the breast tissue with much more contrast and clarity. Insight helped design the final product that could accommodate the unique fluid filled vessel on a wide variety of shapes and sizes
that produced exceptional images.

Accommodating a wide variety of patient sizes

The transducers that the client developed created a perfect hemisphere of imaging. The 3D model was clearly superior for imaging tumors. The main challenge in this project was how to get a fluid filled vessel to seal and produce images on a wide variety of body shapes and sizes. Insight began by performing an ergonomic study on dozens of women to map out an average thoracic curve above and below the breast. The hemisphere shaped transducer housing needed to seal against the chest wall tightly to allow for the fluid medium. Insight designed a “bellows” seal to accommodate for the variance from the mean to accommodate nearly all body shapes and sizes.


Mobility and Flexibility

Through research it was determined that the main system components, including the ultrasound generator and onboard computer, needed to be housed in a mobile device so that it could be transported throughout many patient rooms in the imaging center. It was designed with both the tactical needs of the imaging technician and the comfort of the patient in mind. In addition, the engineering team took into account the low volume manufacturing techniques so that the device could be manufactured in the target volumes of several thousands cost effectively in terms of both
tooling and assembly costs.

“Insight’s innovation process and their knowledge of users helped us produce a breakthrough breast imaging device that is easy to use for the clinician and comfortable for the patient. Insight’s understanding
of the entire workflow took our core technology to another level.”
– John Dixon, Manager, Product Development Orison

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