Parata Max®

The Automated Pharmacy

Parata MaxInsight worked with Parata, a pharmacy automation company, to help develop a new line of automated dispensers. Parata Max® is the first of its kind in retail pharmacy automation, a robotic dispensing system which remains behind the counter focusing on improving the pharmacists high volume prescription filling throughput by providing a more efficient medication order and delivery system.


Design for Human Interface

The system is designed with a number of access points for loading and dispensing medication vials and caps of different sizes. These drawers and bins were strategically designed to take into account the internal robot’s range functionality and account for maintenance access that would prevent prolonged downtime during servicing. Insight’s human factors specialists and interface designers worked with Parata to define positioning and layout of key interaction points to ensure compliance with a wide range of users.

Engineering for Manufacturability

Parata MaxPartitioning the external surfaces of the dispenser into discrete cover and door panels was an enormous undertaking and one in which the Insight design and prototyping teams worked iteratively to fabricate multiple concepts. These prototypes were tested with users and validated against ergonomic design goals. The initial Beta prototype units were presented at the National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS) Pharmacy and Technology show and were received with enthusiasm, with many orders being placed by several leading national pharmacies.

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