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Xoma – Integrated Exam System


Reliance Medical, division of global optical equipment giant Haag-Streit, is a market leader in the design and manufacture of the ophthalmic exam chairs and instrument tower systems. For a trade show, Reliance designed and built a “concept car” product that unified these two separate systems into a single coordinated structure. The crowd loved it. The problem was that it was not designed to go into production; the system functionality was not complete. The product spec indicated over 10 degrees of freedom for the chair, slit lamp table, monitor mount and phoropter arm, many of which were not represented in the concept version. Reliance came to Insight to help turn this new exam chair concept into a manufacturable reality.

DFM/DFA Mechanical Innovation

Insight set out isolating the individual mechanical systems to develop sub-assemblies with performance and manufacturing in mind, but maintained the original design language intent established in the original concept. One of the mechanical innovations was the development of a new to the world proroptor support arm. The traditional support arms did not fit into the design of the new, sleek model. Insight developed the counterbalanced support arm which can support the wide range of sizes and weights of phoroptors available in the market.

“Reliance chose Insight as an important partner in the effort to convert our vision into a reality. Combining the long term experience of Reliance Medical Products and the space age engineering of Insight, Xoma was born and demonstrated to an international marketplace.”
Ray Wright, Market Manager Special Imaging Technologies, HAAG-STREIT USA, INC

Designing for All Size Patients and Physicians Alike


In the cramped quarters of a traditional exam room, it can be a challenge to accommodate a wide variety of patients and clinicians. Insight did detailed studies on the sizes of potential users to accommodate tall and short patients and doctors alike. The results were sets of specifications for height adjustment of the exam chair, clinicians stool and all of the electronics surfaces to create an environment that is flexible, comfortable and supports optimal throughput for maximum efficiency.

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