Insight has won over 40 high-profile industry awards. Of those, seven are the prestigious Medical Design Excellence Award (MDEA). Our seven MDEAs are in the categories of general hospital devices, therapeutic products, radiological devices and implant and tissue replacement products. Insight’s user research, design and engineering contributed to each of the winning designs. 



manufactured by Hill-Rom

Enables operation by caregivers that are not always trained on the device and provides an easy installation workflow with a robust design that withstands the demands of a mobile medical device while still being easy to transport, mount and use.

Merlin patient care network

manufactured by St. Jude Medical

An integrated system enabling telemetry transmissions from patients’ implanted medical devices from home. The Internet portal and real-time alert management extends the reach of healthcare from the clinic to the home.



manufactured by Xoran Technologies Inc

A compact, portable CT scan machine for use by doctors, nurses, and technicians in the operating room environment during ear, nose, and throat surgery. The device is a fraction of the size and weight of a traditional scanner.



manufactured by Fenwal Corp

A portable automated system that rapidly collects and processes two transfusion doses of red blood cells, separating out the red cells on the spot and returning unneeded components to the donor with saline, thereby reducing donor side effects.



manufactured by Baxter Healthcare Corp

A patient-controlled analgesia syringe pump designed for the safe and precise delivery of analgesic, sedative, and anesthetic solutions in hospital or alternative medical environments.



manufactured by Baxter Healthcare Corp

A pumping system for monitoring and controlling the amount and rate of nutritional supplements, medications, or other liquids that are infused into the patient’s bloodstream