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St. Jude Medical realized that their remote patient monitoring system for implanted device patients was in need of an update. They engaged Insight to help them define how to do it. This challenge required understanding a complex set of variables that included patient aptitude, clinician workflow, third party service providers, regulatory policy and technology convergence. The resulting Merlin@Home system represents more than an update; it is a bold next generation solution that redefines what wireless health can be.




Understanding the Pieces of the Puzzle

St Jude MedicalInsight began with a framing exercise to understand the current state and guide opportunity definition. St. Jude’s predicate solution required patients to properly execute a series of steps to set up their monitor, initiate contact with a remote clinician, detect their device and transmit information. Remote transactions were conducted in real-time and required a clinician to spend time on the other end of the call to administer the session and, more often than desired,
troubleshoot errors. Since Medicare reimbursement pays more for the interpretation of remote patient data than it does its collection, resolving the transactional issues quickly surfaced as a prime opportunity. Insight developed a wide range of potential strategies for how information could be safely, securely and reliably managed from patient to clinic and aligned them with a range of technology platforms and device concepts that could deliver it.

Technology at Their Service

St Jude MedicalMerlin@home leverages rapid
developments in RF technology to enable automated, wireless
transmission between a patient’s device and their remote monitor.
Once a patient pairs their implant with the bedside monitor, they
may never need to touch it again; the monitor can be programmed to pull data from a device even while the patient is asleep. Control of information and a friendly interface in™ manages routine information and highlights alerts, ensuring that remote monitoring seamlessly integrates into clinic workflows and enables caregivers to better care for patients.

“Working with Insight was a very positive experience and a highly collaborative effort. There was a mutual respect for skills on both sides and they acted as an extension of our own team.”
-Mike Lepp, Vice President of New Product Planning, St. Jude Medical Corporation

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