Steve McPhilliamy, Insight Partner and Executive Director of Insight Accelerator Labs to judge BIOMEDevice San Jose Conference startup competition

BIOMEDeviceOn December 2nd, 2015, Steve McPhilliamy will join a group of industry experts and investors to judge health care technology startup live pitches.  The competition offers startups the opportunity to present their one-minute elevator pitch, gain invaluable feedback on their pitch, gain publicity, and a chance to secure investment.

As Executive Director of Insight’s own startup accelerator lab, Steve is excited to be part of the event.

 It is inspiring to be part of the growing healthcare ecosystem.  Insight Accelerator Labs is at the center of Medical Device Innovation, and we are excited to be collaborating with these startups in identifying and solving some of the big healthcare problems facing us today.

If you’re a startup and are interested in participating, apply here.  The application deadline is November 20th, 2015.

Visit the BIOMEDevice San Jose site to learn more about the conference.

Visit Insight’s leadership page to learn more about Steve McPhilliamy.