Insight’s Dr. Michael Lau to lead MATTER workshop Oct 5th, 2015

Dr Michael LauThis workshop will offer attendees an initial introduction to ‘Human Factors’, and demonstrate its growing importance in medical device development. In the course of this workshop’s guided examination of the field, product developers will emerge with an understanding of the interplay between the intended device use, users, and use environments, in addition to the different types of human factors activities that exist, and when each should be conducted. Attendees will also gain an appreciation for the level of detail with which these activities are undertaken.

As part of this workshop an overview of the regulatory landscape surrounding human factors engineering within medical device development will also be provided.  This overview will include a brief description of FDA expectations for the human factors component of submissions, as well as developer insight as to what the benefits of incorporating sound human factors design principles into product design are beyond simply satisfying regulatory requirements.  Finally, through a  case study presentation attendees will learn what basic considerations must be made when preparing for usability testing, from sample size and study design to usability testing setup.

This workshop will be led by Dr. Michael Lau, the Principal Human Factors Engineer at Insight Product Development. Dr. Lau  is an avid champion of the user in product design and development, and leads Insight’s human factors team – primarily focused on medical devices to ensure that user needs are met. He received his PhD in Industrial & Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan and consults a wide range of clients, from Fortune 500 companies to startups.