MD&DI Magazine draws on Insight’s Steve McPhilliamy to uncover where healthcare innovation is headed over the next five years!

MDDI logoThe healthcare industry has never been more dynamic or challenging for OEMs to maintain a competitive edge in their innovation pursuits. From Affordable Care Act legislation, to the personalization of healthcare, and growing efficiency expectations from hospital systems charged with caring for a growing aging population with less medical staff, several trends are changing the trajectory of healthcare innovation. New innovations are increasingly being driven by performance based outcomes that lead to better patient care, and companies that recognize this dynamic will be best positioned to compete into the future.
Our ongoing, intimate visibility to the healthcare industry through our work with fortune 100 companies to startups in the medical space at Insight Product Development has given us a front row seat to these market dynamics and trends currently in play. Here’s where we see healthcare innovation going within the next five years, and predict the industry’s most successful companies will be hard at work developing new solutions.
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