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Craig Scherer talks to Med Device Online about turning research into design inputs

Design innovation consultants are asked to help clients understand users holistically: who they are, how they differ from each other, how they are influenced by their environments, and how they might change over time.

We must look to our core development process to focus around the user and all critical stakeholders. Designing optimal solutions means taking all of the influences on the user into consideration. These might include technology strategies, marketing trends and opportunities, or outside influences like regulatory and reimbursement systems.

Across medical device press, conferences and other public forums, one constantly hears organizations ask the same question. “I have all of these user needs defined, what do I do with them now?” What they’re really asking is, “how do I translate user needs into specific and actionable design inputs?”

In performing core human factors evaluations, we can go beyond being simply safe and effective, drawing upon users’ core needs, wants and desires to make user experiences much more meaningful and rewarding.”

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