Turning Stakeholder Feedback into Product Requirements: Insight leads MATTER Workshop

Feedback is important in technology, but how do you incorporate changes in a meaningful way? Find out on:

FRI, Nov 4th AT 2:30 PM, @ MATTER, CHICAGO, IL

MATTER Workshop lead by Insight PDHigh-impact product design starts with a deep understanding of the needs of end-users and customers. This encore workshop will help you understand end-users’ needs and the extent to which your offering effectively addresses them. Carolyn Rose and Sean Corrigan Insight Product Development will help translate such needs into actionable product requirements. They will share tools and techniques startups can leverage to better organize and translate stakeholder feedback into early product requirements that they can then use to design their products. Participants will be exposed to real-world examples of this dynamic process and have the opportunity to generate product requirements from their own collected data, with the help of the Insight PD team.