Join Insight for A MedTech Intelligence Free Webinar
‘MedTech Product Development:
Getting the Right Products to Market Sooner’

 June 9, 2016  12PM to 1:30 PM (CT)

User-Centered DesignProduct development is the key to a vital and profitable medical technology industry, but the process poses many challenges, according to a recent reader survey conducted by MedTech Intelligence. This free webinar features Craig Scherer, Insight co-founder and senior partner , and other industry experts in a roundtable discussion addressing key issues in product development:

• Accurately identifying user needs
• Transforming user needs into product design specifications
• Coordinating internal discussions across siloed teams
• Aligning business, clinical, regulatory, and engineering objectives
• Creating more efficient product development processes
• Accelerating speed to market

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Roundtable Speakers:

• Craig Scherer – Co-Founder, Insight Product Development
• Nolan Baird – CMC Director, Combination Product Development, Drug Product Development, AbbVie
• Eric Soederberg – President & CEO, Sunrise Labs
• Jon Speer – Founder,