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Understanding Users to Ensure Safety

West Pharmaceutical ServicesChallenge

Mitigate the safety and usability risks inherent to new drug delivery device
development, while driving patient adoption, physician acceptance and demand among pharmaceutical business partners, in tandem with
facilitating future product readiness for FDA approval.


The establishment of an internal framework for consistent and efficient
human factors best practices in future device development. This framework provides clear, actionable opportunities to improve device design and usability, increase training efficacy, mitigate regulatory approval risk, and shorten development timelines.


West Pharmaceutical Services

Our framework supported key elements such as defining usability inputs to drive device design, packaging and user instructions early in the development process.
During this process, we established best practices in usability testing across user groups and a range of device formats. We also defined a format for usability test findings that would lead to design change implementation and testing to improve device usability. Additionally, we established formative usability study parameters to evaluate a device’s training package efficacy.

Ultimately, the human factors and usability testing foundation we laid provided West with a consistent approach to integrating human factors throughout their development process to drive efficiency, reduce risk and increase speed to market.

“Understanding customer needs, wants and desires early in the development process is critical to ensuring a product’s success. By teaming with Insight, West has access to more than 20 years of experience in innovative product development, conceptual design and research methods capabilities. This knowledge and insight will benefit West and Tech Group customers’ all looking for innovative healthcare solutions that meet the needs of the patient population.”

Chris Evans, Senior Director of Innovation, West Pharmaceutical Services

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