User-Centered Research

Ethnography and Human Factors to drive better design

Users are at the center of everything we do. Understanding user’s behaviors, needs, and goals is critical to creating compelling solutions that are safe, effective and that meet the needs of our clients.

Insight’s approach ensures that these user-based considerations are key drivers in identifying opportunities for innovation as well as serving as an effective risk mitigation tool that can help guide medical device development to a successful outcome.

Types of engagements

Research to Inform Design
and Development

Utilizing these same methods, we identify user-centered opportunities for product and system innovation. We translate user needs into design guidelines. We execute iterative research to ensure user experience and usability factors are aligned with functional requirements throughout the development process.

Human Factors and Usability

Our human factors team works seamlessly within the development process to help you align product requirements with regulatory guidance. We conduct usability benchmarking, develop human factors plans and conduct formative studies to help guide usability during development. And we provide the support necessary to conduct summative usability evaluations.

Opportunity Identification
and Definition

Leveraging applied ethnography and contextual inquiry, we help our clients Identify, organize and act upon new opportunities for their business. From creating Innovation platforms and portfolio strategies to increasing efficiency, consistency, and satisfaction through process optimization, our team helps uncover new avenues for success.

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