Hill Phoenix

Hill Phoenix

Putting High Costs and Low Margins on Ice

Hill PhoenixInsight worked with Hill PHOENIX, a giant in commercial equipment for the food retail industry, to develop a new line of refrigerated and frozen food display cases. The project goals were to develop a new line of display cases and reach-in freezers that would improve performance and serviceability, introduce new technology and features that would open up new revenue streams, and create an improved brand experience all while looking for opportunities to increase perceived value at less cost to manufacture.

Systems Planning to Deliver Innovation

Insight worked with Hill PHOENIX to set up site visits across the country to observe and document display case installations, interview grocery store stakeholders, and to document the entire manufacturing process from materials allocation to packing for shipping of each case type. Analysis of the competitive landscape along with technology research and assessment for improving energy efficiency were used to identify key opportunities for innovation. Hill PhoenixInsight succeeded by introducing new features such as clog resistant drains, energy efficient lighting, improved air baffle design, night air curtains to save energy during store off-hours, and several new manufacturing process improvements to reduce cost and assembly time.

DFM/DFA to Drive Down Cost

The Insight team engineered each mechanical system in the display case to optimize performance and capitalize on cost improvements through material cost savings, part consolidation and overall process improvements. The new design was also ideal for long haul shipping cross country as it could be shipped in modular sections that flat packed on the truck and could be assembled on site during installation. This improved Hill PHOENIX's competitive advantage when bidding on grocery store build-outs all over the country.

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