Enabling Better Surgical Outcomes


Develop a next generation microdebrider that will be a significant improvement over the first generation product to help regain eroding market share.


Insight performed extensive contextual research to uncover unmet needs resulting in a feature set and usability features that provide clear differentiation. The team also created a commercialized solution combining and optimizing technologies that had never before been used in this configuration once again revolutionizing the current state of device offerings for this surgical procedure.


OlympusOlympus Medical’s Diego ENT microdebrider platform, a massive success upon launch in 2002, was now losing share at an alarming rate. New competitive offerings were now eclipsing what once was the gold standard in this industry. Olympus approached Insight with a simple proposition; develop a "home run" next generation device to regain market dominance.

The ENT microdebrider space had seen numerous product launches from competitors in years prior to this engagement, stiffening the challenge to provide a game changing response. Insight's user-centered approach to innovation led to discoveries that drove new-to-the-world features and functionality never offered before. The result, Diego Elite, enables a reduction in procedure times by up to 12% - that's an extra case a day.

OlympusInsight's approach began with understanding surgical workflows, observing over 100 procedures, from complex cases in academic hospitals to routine procedures in surgery centers. Our development team noted that surgeons were burdened with a great number of instrument exchanges, including swapping the microdebrider for tools with similar functionality. Insight's development team then explored a range of concepts and new technologies that improved performance and reduced these exchanges, including integration of hemostasis, closed-loop suction, and safety control features. The result is the design of a system that delivers a better standard of care while delivering a better bottom line.

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