Sensus iPERL


iPERL - A Smarter Meter

SensusSensus, a global leader in utility infrastructure systems and resource conservation, had a revolutionary water meter product that bridged the water meter functionality of the past with the intelligence of the developing smart grid systems of the future. Sensus came to Insight for help designing their product so it would have a distinct look to differentiate it from the old technology, while designing around constraints such as product dimensions, installation methods, internal component configurations, regulatory display information and durability in harsh environments.

Designing Around Internal and Regulatory Restrictions

The design team created a clean flowing form with simplistic parting lines to visually communicate the waters movement inside the unit. The UV-stable earth tone color pallet was selected to help convey its sustainable story, while visually maintaining a robust and solid demeanor. SensusThe main color bands are interchangeable during manufacturing in order to distinguish the units use as a potable/non-potable water source. It also serves to identify flow direction during installation. The design team created a composite body that requires less energy to manufacture, is lighter to ship, easier to install, and maintains a higher operating flow range and precision of measurement than its predecessors.

Information to Empower Homeowners

This intelligent water management system provides extraordinary information to help the smart utility improve water efficiency by collecting and reporting information on the application status as well as the health of the meter. This product has future potential to help consumers be more conscious of their water usage with real time data interface systems, empowering homeowners to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

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