xCAT®– CT Scan Goes Mobile

XoranXoran Technologies saw an opportunity to expand their core imaging technology into a new environment: the ENT operating room. Xoran asked Insight to help them design a scanner that would be mobile and small enough to fit into the cramped operating room environment while being stable enough to handle a tight vibration tolerance. The resulting xCAT is a completely mobile and robust system that provides ENT surgeons with real time scans that give them vital information during procedures.

Working with a Distinct Workflow

The Insight team conducted user research with surgeons and technicians
to define the most effective and meaningful way of transitioning the existing technology into the OR. The OR’s distinct traffic lanes and minimal real estate became challenging constraints. In addition, set up, positioning adjustment, tear down, storage and mobility needs all influenced the optimal task flow expectations. Insight’s engineers provided the stability required to ensure acceptable rotational imaging with an extremely tight vibration tolerance while simultaneously developing a lightweight chassis that would provide ease of transport outside the OR and fine positioning within it. Insight designers created an interface that would work well within the workflow of the operating room and designed an iconic aesthetic that was intentionally distinct through its use of form, configuration, color and finish.

Quick to Market, Quickly Embraced

Insight’s engineering team worked to combine the striking design element and the complex mechanical system into a commercialized device in a very short time frame. The system was immediately embraced by the country’s top teaching hospitals, including the University of Pennsylvania Health System.


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