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Leveraging more than 25 years in product development, we uncover valuable opportunities for our clients, innovate the technologies and experiences that enable them, and drive their development through commercialization.

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MTI Human Factors Webinar

August 4th, 2016

As the product development process progresses, it is critical to ensure that the original concept is properly translated into design specifications and the final manufactured product. Experts in medical technology user research, human factors and product design will discuss key issues, potential pitfalls and best practices.

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Michael Lau, PhD

Why Do Human Factors Engineering?

Michael Lau, PhD, and Director of Human Factors shares The Value of a Sound Human Factors Plan in our latest MedTech Intelligence Article.

Craig Scherer

Translating User Needs Into Design Inputs

Craig Scherer talks to Med Device Online about turning research into design inputs in his latest article

Abbe Kopra

Innovative vs. Intuitive: 5 Ways To Ensure Novelty Doesn’t Compromise Usability

Abbe Kopra, senior researcher, and Craig Scherer, senior partner and co-founder of Insight Product Development, co-author latest guest column in Med Device Online

Carolyn Rose

“3 Key Healthcare Adoption Drivers: How They (Should) Shape Product Development”

Craig Scherer, Insight Co-Founder and Senior Partner, and Carolyn Rose, Director of Research and Strategy, co-author latest Med Tech article in Med Device Online

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