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User Needs Process Map

User Needs Identification Poster

Identifying User Needs to Drive Effective Medical Device Development

We have a new poster! Effectively identifying, prioritizing and translating user needs into design guidance is critical to successfully developing a safe, effective and desirable medical device.
Check out our User Needs process map to learn more.


Carolyn Rose Leadership

6 Indispensable Tools To Drive Effective User-Centered Design in Med Device

Craig Scherer and Carolyn Rose talk about the importance of effectively identifying, prioritizing, and translating user needs into design guidance in their latest Med Device Online article

Charlotte Lux

“Challenging the Assumption of “The Fewer Steps the Better” in Medical Device Design”

Charlotte Lux, Senior Researcher, and Ed Geiselhart, Director of Innovation and User Experience explain why “fewer steps” does not always equates to “easier to use” in our lated MedTECH Intelligence Article

Sean Corrigan

“3 Ingredients To The Perfect Device Development Plan”

Sean Corrigan, Director of Engineering, and Carolyn Rose, Director of Research, discuss how to build a successful concept development framework in our latest Med Device Online article

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