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Leveraging more than 30 years in product development, we help clients, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, uncover valuable opportunities, innovate the technologies and experiences that enable them, and drive their development through commercialization.

Human Factors and Usability

Optimizing usability, meeting regulatory requirements, and reducing risk.


Overcoming Recruiting Challenges to Inform Medical Device Development

Check out our latest "insights" where our key leaders share how we employ a multi-faceted approach to overcoming recruiting challenges to inform medical device development.

HFES 2018: Cross-Training in Human Factors Engineering and Industrial Design

Check out the panel discussion Human Factors Director Michael Lau, PhD and Design Manager Alisa Rantanen participated in at this year's Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting.

Platform Devices and the Patient Journey

ONdrugDelivery Magazine asks Mark Tunkel, Partner and Business Development Director, to discuss the benefits of mapping the patient journey when looking to select a platform device for a new drug-device combination product.

Identifying User Needs to Drive Effective Medical Device Development

Effectively identifying, prioritizing and translating user needs into design guidance is critical to successfully developing a safe, effective and desirable medical device.

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