People are at the center of everything we do. Understanding users’ and decision-makers’ processes, needs, and goals is critical to creating compelling solutions that drive adoption and loyalty.

Insight’s human-centered approach ensures that these considerations are key drivers for developing innovative new concepts for products and services that can create value for our clients.

Ways We Engage

Opportunity Identification

Leveraging applied ethnography and contextual inquiry, we help our clients identify and better understand user-driven opportunities for their business. From new product/service offerings to portfolio strategies and process optimization, our team helps inform and navigate innovation planning.

Concept Exploration

We explore and create new-to-the-market concepts to address unmet or underserved needs. Concept visions communicate key attributes and benefits of a user experience while weighing business and technical factors to help support internal alignment and business case development.

Early Evaluation

We believe introducing new concepts and technologies to potential end-users is best done sooner than later. Soliciting qualitative feedback on a value proposition or envisioned experience prior to resource-intensive development activities serves both to inform next steps (i.e. internal milestones, business case assessment, etc.) and mitigate risk.

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