Better understanding stakeholders and contexts of use

Relying heavily on the ethnographic techniques of in-context observation and interviews, our research yields a deep understanding of users’ current behaviors, practices, and preferences – and the why’s behind them.

Our expertise in healthcare enables the team to effectively navigate complex ecosystems, identifying the roles and relationships of various users and stakeholders, environments, adoption drivers, and reimbursement. Our research outputs are continuously leveraged to better understand clinical and surgical workflows, product usage across the continuum of care, the patient journey, and prescription pathways.

With our ability and understanding of what it takes to “make things real,” our research learnings are translated into actionable findings – from new product opportunities to concept recommendations and refinements.

Our global perspective


Contextual inquiry

Narrative tours

In-depth interviews

Participatory design

Longitudinal learning

Simulated use



Process/experience map

User needs hierarchy

Decision trees and adoption drivers

Opportunity map

Design guidelines and recommendations