Designing innovative solutions and experiences that support and delight users

Developing optimal user experiences is a process in which the needs, wants, desires, and expectations of our target users and stakeholders are considered. Insight takes full advantage of our research outputs to define and create exceptional physical and digital experiences continuously throughout the development process.

We develop concepts that bring opportunities to life as experiences considering the entire user journey. We leverage every available touch point to enable experiences that are intuitive and meaningful and that humanize disruptive new technologies in ways that encouraging adoption and brand loyalty.

Our designers leverage a wide variety of design tools to help visualize experiences at every stage. From “napkin” sketches to hi-resolution renderings and storyboards, from paper prototypes to interactive simulations for new interfaces, and from form studies to functional models, our team creates and utilizes the right outputs to answer the right questions at the right time.


Delivering user-centered solutions informed by decades of healthcare experience

Utilizing user needs frameworks to provide focus and guide development

Digital and physical designs to solve unmet and under served user needs

Developing solutions that inspire and drive adoption

Developing engaging collateral to support research and human factors studies

Designing safe and effective digital user experiences for embedded, mobile and web portals for integrated medical systems


Identification and prioritization of key design challenges

Cohesive visual language that supports users and builds brand recognition

Scenario development and sketch outputs driven by user needs

Iterative rapid prototypes representing early product embodiments

Digital prototypes for usability evaluation and testing

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