Convergence is a popular term used in discussions about business and technology, across a range of markets and industries. It is an exciting word that suggests opportunity and innovation, and yet at the same time it also connotes significant change, which can saddle an organization with uncertainty regarding how to respond. In no sense is this truer than when looking at the convergence of wireless technology and the healthcare industry. 

Insight has extensive experience in understanding the complexities of both industries and sorting through the noise to help companies identify real opportunities around convergence and guide them to effectively deliver solutions. The common thread in knowing how to effectively respond to the convergence of these industries is to include, as part of the development process, an approach that is user-centric.

In the February issue of MX, Ed Geiselhart describes how user-based investigations provide medical device manufacturers with means of leveraging the potential of wireless technology. Read the article for his suggestions on defining user-based considerations to help uncover the exciting potential of the convergence of wireless technology and healthcare.