Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry Magazine interviews Insight co-founder Craig Scherer & partner Mark Tunkel to uncover advanced approach to innovation

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With good reason, the long term financial impact of Affordable Care Act legislation is top of mind for companies in the healthcare industry. Not only does the new evidence-based care model feature substantially reduced insurance reimbursement rates, but they are also directly related to patient outcomes. Add to that a rapidly growing insured population for the healthcare profession to serve, and it’s not surprising companies in the space are now scrambling to optimize resources to meet demand.
An advanced approach to medical device product development is now the industry’s missing link between meeting ACA pressures head-on and remaining viable. User-centered design is a key facilitator in eliminating variances, increasing efficiency and creating better patient outcomes – all of which serve to lower healthcare cost and help companies operate competitively and profitably under new legislation.

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