Identifying, prioritizing and translating user needs into design guidance is critical to successfully developing a safe, effective and differentiated combination product that supports long term adherence.

The process of interacting with users iteratively and frequently is the key to successful needs characterization.

These user research and human factors activities are inextricably linked to our design and development process and can be optimized by understanding the goals, tools and outputs at each stage of research.

These tools apply to delivery devices and also the broader goal of disease state management from both the healthcare professional and patient perspectives throughout the patient journey. It also informs the means by which adherence can be achieved including instructions for use, packaging, clinician education, and technology driven longitudinal adherence offerings.

This map illustrates how the User Experience and Technical Teams interact and support each other in the product development process.

This map outlines

  • goals of each touchpoint
  • types of research collateral that can best assist the team
  • suggested environments and sample sizes for each effort
  • typical deliverables for each round of research
User Needs Pharma Detail

As time progresses on the project, the number of concepts, divergent at first, begin to converge. Research helps the design team determine which options to pursue and also identify risk factors for each concept and how to mitigate them. As the number of concepts narrow and the overall risk begins to fall, we are able to increase the fidelity of the research collateral further refining concepts and identifying and reducing risk.

Along the bottom, we describe the different types and fidelities of prototypes, in this case the actually delivery system, that we develop and utilize for the effective performance of user research.

Device Delivery Prototypes

Extensive integration of all disciplines involved in development including the effective use of iterative research, will result in solutions where risk has been identified and mitigated and where the final concepts will provide the safest, most effective drug delivery systems while optimizing the user’s experience. This is where true success exists, delivering safe, effective and differentiated combination products that supports long term adherence.

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