Aligning Innovation Strategy Across Business Units


DiverseyIn alignment with a global business growth strategy, develop a long term strategic plan for understanding consumer needs and developing product and service offerings around those needs to provide a continuous pipeline of innovation.


A multi-business unit research and design strategy process that complemented overall corporate strategy, provided worldwide comparative analysis between target segments, and aligned business and technology with the needs of their user base, which collectively led to strategic development planning and new product launches.

"Insight worked closely with our global marketing team to identify opportunities and develop new innovation platform solutions for North America, Asia and Europe. As a result, we will be offering products that are tailored to the needs of each region."
George Parr Vice President, Global Marketing & Business Development


DiverseyWorking with Diversey, a worldwide leading provider of commercial cleaning, sanitation and hygiene solution we created a research and design strategy process that would complement their overall business strategy and be implemented across the company’s three primary business units. This process began with ethnographic research in North America, Europe and Asia to define areas of opportunity within

Diversey's key business interests and strategically defined segmentation.

The synthesis of these efforts led to thematic design concepts development that captured a range of benefits and outlined new potential product and service offerings with value to Diversey's customers across a number of cleaning and sanitization process drivers. We designed customer testing to provide a global view of the appropriateness of concepts, and a sufficiently sized sample allowed for comparative analysis between countries, continents and target segments.

Following directional testing, our design and strategy teams extracted the themes and benefits that resonated most with Diversey's customers and packaged them into designed solutions. These solutions then underwent quantitative concept testing to provide Diversey with statistically significant results that included respondents from every key worldwide market. Following this quantitative study we assisted Diversey with their development planning and strategic launch of products chosen for development.


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