Encompass Lighting

Innovation through technology and design integration


Encompass LightingCreate a new LED lighting system to meet retail customers’ demand for efficiency, simplicity and elegance suitable for a variety of retail environment.


The GATICA Modular LED Lighting System, features novel technology that provides energy cost savings, flexibility for a wide variety of environments, and uniform light and color distribution all embodied in an uncluttered, minimal form that created widespread demand among retailers and lighting designers.

“Insight has been an invaluable partner to our team, and central to the success of the GATICA lighting system. Their ability to uncover new product opportunities, align both the team and the technology, and transition the project into a real product solution was key to our success. The new design has raised the bar for the entire retail lighting category, and the strong market response proves it.”
– Josh Wiess, CEO, Generation Brands 


Encompass LightingWe started this project by first identifying the needs of multiple stakeholders found in the retail market. We did this by spending time in the environment of use, observing and speaking with end users, installers, lighting designers and the broader range of influencers that can impact the overall product’s success. This research drove a framework that helped us identify opportunities and create a path to pivot from idea to new product solution.

We continued to learn through ongoing feedback and rapid iteration, and narrowed these opportunities down to a core technology well aligned with stakeholder needs and Encompass’ internal proprietary systems. We then integrated the technology in a simple clean line form that showcased the innovation.

Encompass LightingThe result was a new design that changed the way light was cast, with the thin blade solution taming shadows and directing light in a plane of evenly distributed luminance. The system provided new flexibility and control without sacrificing any aspect of the original design vision. This included an innovative counter balance system to maintain the unit’s center of gravity and provide directional wall wash methods, a consistent controlled environment of light, and methods to incorporated color mixing and glare reduction.

In the end, this complex mix of new features, technology and innovation ultimately came together to create a simple, clean design solution in retail lighting. The market response to the system was strong, with rapid adoption by retailers across a range of applications.

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