Hach Lange

Creating Common Ground Across Global Brands


Hach-LangeDefine a visual language that clearly communicated company brand values, establish greater aesthetic consistency across a variety of products and devices, and establish guidelines to enable internal resources to successfully and repeatedly employ the strategy in future development efforts.


VBL strategy development and company-wide deployment that is now being leveraged globally to successfully reinforce market leadership through excellence in design.


Hach Company, a global leader in water analysis technology, approached us to develop a visual brand language for offerings within their portfolio of process and laboratory equipment. Our program began with visits to Hach’s corporate office in Loveland, CO and Hach Lange’s office in Dusseldorf, Germany, where our team spoke with key stakeholders in sales, R&D, marketing and operations to understand each group’s perspectives on the program. We then worked with different international sales divisions to visit customers from different verticals in the US, Italy, Germany, Poland and China. Face-to-face interactions with users helped the team to understand important cultural viewpoints to consider while defining a visual brand strategy.

Hach-LangeWe then translated what we heard from stakeholders and customers into design elements that aligned with the core values of the Hach brand. Our team employed a methodical approach to first define design principles consistent with words used to articulate brand values, then leveraged our creative energies to envision different ways of applying these principles to products. Working closely with Hach R&D and manufacturing to ensure that our team’s direction aligned closely with internal development processes, we utilized required materials and leveraged preferences in manufacturing processes. The resulting VBL strategy is currently and successfully being employed by Hach to help reinforce their leadership in the market through excellence in design.

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