ITW BuildClean Dust Control System

Driving Growth Through Performance, Flexibility and Usability


Identify the parameters of success for a new portable worksite dust evacuation system for ITW, guide the focused product requirements and new use scenarios to meet user needs, and lead the technology development to ensure the product meets or exceeds specified OSHA safety requirementsITW – all at a cost that satisfies contractors purchasing the system.


The final solution was the powerful BuildCleanTM Dust Control System, offered at a price point that not only met user needs - but drove mainstream adoption in the trade. Beyond meeting all the new product development challenges for BuildCleanTM, the program so effectively served a market need that it resulted in an entirely new brand and business division under the ITW umbrella, driving company growth through an entirely new revenue stream.

“Insight’s innovation blueprint helped build and confirm of our value proposition. Their team’s diversity of experience across five different disciplines helped us to understand the complex processes of identifying new product design opportunities, ascertaining market need and demand for new solutions, uncovering the criteria and specifications required to engineer powerful technology, and navigating development challenges to bring an outstanding product to market from the ground up. I have an immense respect for insight team, and we would not be where are today without them.”
– Brian Paich, Business Development Manager, ITW North American Construction


ITWThe scope of this project included discovery to understand the full experience for a potential solution, our identification and alignment of the value for the end customer, mapping out the process improvements and integrating the technology in a cost effective lean manner, collaborating with a cross disciplinary team to envision the solution, and developing the technology with an eye for the overall scalable direction of the system to deliver on the promise. Our work began at the source with worksite discovery research with General Contractors (GCs) and their crews, spanning GCs’ concern about their workers health and OSHA requirements, their need to have crisp lines of visibility for detailed work, and their key desire to have “the home owner remember my work, not my dust.” Next, our design team created the best possible product embodiment for ease of use, flexibility, user interaction and service issues like filter cleaning and replacement. At the same time, our technical team was reimagining all of the functional systems to create a highly durable product with optimal dust removal capacity while minimizing noise and overall manufacturing cost and complexity. We took this project through the design handoff phase with a comprehensive transfer package to guide manufacturing ramp-up. The end result was a scalable technology and product that met and exceeded the needs of the trade, and an entirely new revenue stream for ITW.

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