Scaling Technology into New Markets


X-RiteMeet commercial client demands for complementary products serving their home decor customers within the do- it-yourself (DIY) consumer market.


Drove global growth through the creation of a long-term product development roadmap coupled with technology development that capitalized on new markets and DIY retailer trends in the U.S. and Europe.

“The results that came from Insight’s strategic innovation process proved to be an invaluable resource in helping to determine our product development strategy for the next three to five years.”
– Jim Weaver, Vice President of Marketing, X-Rite


At a critical crossroad in its home decor business segment, X-Rite, a leading provider of color measurement products was challenged with the task of extending their current products used by Home Depot X-Riteand Lowe’s employees to more relevant products that complemented their do-it-yourself (DIY) philosophy to consumers. Meeting this challenge required X-Rite to develop new products that complemented new users and provided new opportunities.

To facilitate the entry into a new product space, we framed a research program to understand the complex relationships between retailers, home decor consumers, and design professionals. We conducted extensive interviews and observed product use in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, China and Japan, then translated the information gained in the field into meaningful frameworks that documented user behaviors and workflows, customer goals, internal stakeholder concerns and attitudes towards technology as they related to home decor. These models enabled Insight and X-Rite's leadership to define an entirely new category of product opportunities with lower technical specifications at significantly lower costs to develop potential product and technology solutions that delivered on key opportunities.

X-RiteIn the end, we provided X-Rite with a five year strategic product plan for both technology and product development serving key North American and European customers. The strategy developed is consistently utilized across the entire X-Rite organization to inform key business decisions, product and software development, corporate communications and sales initiatives.

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