IAL Member Companies:

Insight Accelerator Labs is very pleased to be working closely with our member’s medical technology entrepreneurs as they focus on creating breakthrough solutions for healthcare’s most significant challenges.

intuitap medical

InTuitap Medical is developing a new intuitive spinal tap system that eliminates the guesswork, frustration, and pain from spinal punctures. The current standard consists of high first attempt failure rates and relies on palpation technique to feel for the vertebrae and guess where to insert the needle often leading to multiple attempts for correct placement.

The innovation from InTuitap is the world’s first spinal puncture device that integrates imaging of the spine with needle guidance and analytics to accurately place the needle on the first try.


Ensuring better surgical outcomes with SafeSnips™. A revolutionary blood vessel detection technology, SafeSnips™ can be paired with a variety of endoscopic instruments used in minimally invasive surgical procedures. By detecting the presence of vessels in real-time, surgeons can identify and avoid inadvertently cutting blood vessels.

phys IQ Logo

Enabling personalized predictive analytics with VitaLink™. The system includes a set of body worn sensors that collects patient vital signs. It then wirelessly taps into a cloud-based, proprietary predictive analytics technology that identifies and trends significant medical events to provide proactive treatment plan to patients.


Healthy-TXT™ provides physician-designed health programs directly to where people are today, on their mobile devices. Targeted health messages on treatment regimens, post and chronic care, healthy lifestyle, and prevention are delivered via text messaging, mobile voice app, email, video, or website.


Innoblative Designs, Inc. (Innoblative) is a medical device company whose mission is to develop products to innovate and improve the way surgeons treat surgical margins. Our first product is a radiofrequency ablation (RFA) applicator that allows surgeons to effectively coagulate and ablate soft tissue beds intra-operatively. Innoblative is currently investigating a radiofrequency ablation (RFA) to ablate a further margin of soft tissue following standard lumpectomy.

Output Medical

Output Medical is elevating clinical care by providing automated solutions to urine output monitoring in the ICU setting. Current methods of urine output measurement are prone to error and are not capable of providing the continuous measurement that is needed to provide optimal patient treatment – thus increasing the risk of Acute Kidney Injury and subsequent kidney failure. Our device uses patented technology to optimize measurements and data processing to enable real-time physician decision-making. We are the new standard for urine output measurements.

Caraseal Logo

Caraseal is a smart-hardware solution complementing the thriving mobile-health ecosystem by helping reduce healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) caused by mobile devices.

Other startups we have recently supported:

The following is a list of innovative startups that Insight is currently working with or has worked with in the recent past. These are the companies that have helped Insight fine-tune its methods and offerings to best serve this group of entrepreneurs:

Pepex Biomedical is a medical device company specializing in developing, manufacturing, and marketing disposable miniaturized electrochemical biosensors. The company’s proprietary position is derived from two distinct platform technologies. The combined platforms provide a completely new approach to sensor architectures and have utility in a broad array of medical applications.


The technology that IV Watch is developing is highly confidential with very exciting and significant applications. Check back for future updates.

A medical device company focused on improving the quality of life for the millions of people suffering from extraesophageal acid reflux disease (EERD) by offering a revolutionary, non-invasive treatment solution that is designed to be safe, simple and effective, called the Reza-Band™, UES Assist Device.

Clear River Enviro is the maker of Pharma Drain, a water purification system which neutralizes the
active compounds in unused medications so they can be disposed of easily without polluting our water supplies. This system neutralizes neutralizes residual waste, captures organic matter, and sends a primarily water liquid effluent that is 100% safe into the sewer system, while saving hospitals money over other disposal methods.

The University of Michigan’s Office of Technology Transfer oversees the commercialization of new technologies and research discoveries, and provides professional resources for inventors, entrepreneurs and industry partners.

Oriel’s breakthrough respiratory delivery system technology was recently acquired by Sandoz, Inc., a Novartis Company.