Accelerator Labs

Insight Product Development, a world-class, Chicago-based consulting group with extensive healthcare experience, is proud to introduce Insight Accelerator Labs , an accelerator program distinctly focused on medical-device startups possessing unique, innovative, and patentable technology within the medical and healthcare space. This program is designed to help early-stage companies align their vision to potential customers, communicate their value to potential investors, and tangibilize their technology, creating real solutions to real problems in healthcare. 

Insight Accelerator Labs will bring some of the most experienced and innovative development professionals together to leverage a unique process scaled for the needs of startups at various stages along the capitalization path. For those accepted into the program, Insight teams apply their leading, user-centered approach to complex problem solving and leverage their experience in navigating new technology within a quality-management system.

Through the Insight Accelerator Labs agreement, we offer startup partners on-site office space, conference rooms, and other typical business amenities. But the key difference is that, rather than a small equity injection, Insight offers accepted startups significant discounts off of our fees, allowing for extended access to our team in an economical fashion. And the program duration – an initial six months, renewable up to eighteen – is much longer than most startup accelerators. These unique benefits reflect the differences between the consumer and medical spaces, as well as our ongoing commitment to investing in startups.

Unlike a typical investor, Insight does not simply provide passive capital, but aims to play a key role in reducing time to market and increasing chances for success by refining, optimizing, and commercializing technology. The impact of our technical solutions and innovation contributions far outweighs the costs, which is why many Fortune 500 companies have sought out Insight services for years.

The first Insight Accelerator Labs startup is BriteSeed LLC, an award-winning startup with a unique and promising technology. We encourage you to visit their site and learn more.

What kind of companies are you looking for?

Insight Accelerator Labs will focus on startup companies with a medical or healthcare-related technology that includes a device or physical-system component.

What stage companies are you accepting?

The ideal Insight Accelerator Labs candidate will already have a patented or patent-pending core technology or device concept. Startups will have already obtained seed funding and will see the need for technology refinement, optimization, and commercialization as a critical next step.

Check out our Insight Labs page to learn more.